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Use case #1

Furnish an empty room

Scan your unfurnished room and get high-fidelity measurements of your space. Furnish the room yourself or let the Ai-driven intelligent advisor make suggestions.

Use case #2

find your new style

Exchange furniture and see what it looks like in your room with a few clicks. The Ai-driven intelligent advisor can help and make decisions easy.


Logo Team7

"We collaborate to commercialize the AMRAX™ technology for the e-retail sector of furniture and home accessories."

TEAM7 is a leading natural wood furniture manufacturer based in Ried im Innkreis, Austria and sells solid wood furniture in over 30 countries via a global distribution network.


Logo Fachhochschule Salzburg

"Together with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and their degree program Design & Product Management, a training data set will be created by assigning mood boards to individual items of furniture and rooms."

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers the best academic education with high practical relevance, which meets the requirements of business and society. 


Logo of Business Upper Austria

"Together we develop strategies and solutions for the furniture industry."

Business Upper Austria-OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH (BIZ-UP), the Upper Austrian business support organization, promotes regional innovation through strategies, investment, cluster/network management and funding.


Logo Building Innovation Cluster

The Building Innovation Cluster (BIC) is a cross-industry network that increases the companies’ innovative potential and competitiveness. The BIC works in the furniture and (timber) construction sectors and is also active in these sectors’ networks of suppliers, specialized providers, training institutions, and research facilities.


Logo Charlie Pommier

"We work together to commercialize AMRAX™ technology for the furniture and home accessories e-retail sector."

Charlie Pommier is a pioneer of e-commerce for handcrafted, high-end furniture. All products are made in Europe from 100% European materials.

From the beginning, the company’s vision was to create an exclusive furniture brand with products that could be delivered directly to the whole world.



Synthetic Dimension GmbH was founded to change and simplify mobile commerce for furniture. For this purpose, a software system was developed to be operated and globally marketed under the brand name AMRAX™. 

AMRAX™ is a software system that uses 

  • sensor data captured with a mobile device
  • deep learning, 
  • image processing 

to generate realistic to scale models of residential and commercial spaces.  This is the basis for our revolutionary auto-furnish system for interior design. 

The essential features of AMRAX are

  • accurate parameterizable digital twin of the scene with manipulable, segmented items of furniture
  • recommender, which provides appropriate product suggestions making use of the vast amount of available data in the 3D room model
  • intuitive scene visualization, including the placement of suggested products and the possibility of manual manipulation,
  • automatic processes for data import and export.


Our personalized furnishing recommendations in 3D space and the resulting customer experience are technical innovation and world first.

When it comes to IP and technology, we focus on the fastest possible adoption of new AI methods, a sophisticated patent cloud, and continuous monitoring.

By the end of 2022 we will have 15 Patents granted or pending. 

Our patents are in the following fields:

  • 3D Room Geometry Reconstruction

  • Room asset detection, reconstruction & retrieval

  • Furniture Recommender Systems

  • Intuitive user interaction & visualization with instant feedback

  • Data generation for training of AI